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After working together for over ten years, Chris and Greg formed Hubbawelcome in 2009. Greg is an award-winning commercial illustrator, most recently recognised for his illustrative work in the awarded MAYOR OF LONDON “Save the Bees” advertising campaign, while Chris is an art director at M&C SAATCHI group, London.

Hailing originally from Australia, Chris Mundy and Greg Lockhart grew up in the disparate, sprawling surroundings of Melbourne suburbia. Chris graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute in 2004 with a Bachelors degree in Creative Advertising, and Greg in 2006 with a Bachelor of Media Studies.

They currently reside in East London and will be holding their first solo show: “WHAT’S THE POINT IN BUYING A CAT WHEN YOU’LL JUST END UP HAVING TO WATCH IT DIE?” in August this year.

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